A personal note

I’m grateful to all of you who are regular readers of this blog. My friend Brian Stewart set up the blog with my approval and has made many of the posts from my earlier Bible studies (earlier posts can be accessed by Scripture reference or other tabs on one of the blog’s sidebars). More recently, I have also contributed a number of new ones, when I have some moments of free time between official writing commitments.

I’ve tried to focus here on the timeless truths of the Bible, my regular area of study; I make exceptions only occasionally, where I have enough direct knowledge about some subject (such as, recently, a situation in Nigeria, or my wife’s or my personal experiences) to speak competently on it.

Even though this blog is usually not tied to current events, films, books, my personal hygiene (!), and other matters that people often blog about, many of you follow it regularly. This is just a brief note to express my appreciation to all of you.