The story of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-40

Some regard the story as unreliable, but I argued in an article in 2008 that we have good reason to believe that the account is in fact reliable. I also worked some with cultural background about this passage.

The article is available for download or reading here (Andrews University Press):

My Friend the Refugee

Others are better qualified than I to comment on security matters, and this is an older post, but now seems a valuable time to recount the story of two refugees’ experiences. Neither of these two constituted a security threat: they are the stories of my wife and my son.

12 minute-radio interview with Craig today

Craig and Médine were interviewed today on American Family Radio concerning their book Impossible Love and Médine’s experience as a refugee. For those who want to listen to our interview, you can forward to 11 minutes and 38 seconds on the following link is:

The book is at:

Since this blog is mentioned in our part of the broadcast as a way of finding out more about us, I should also give this link: