Racial and ethnic reconciliation

Craig was invited to speak on this at Asbury Seminary Chapel some time ago. This seems a good time (right after Martin Luther King Jr. Day) to post it (29 minutes and 59 seconds) (It’s not my picture on the front but it’s me inside during the sermon).


12 minute-radio interview with Craig today

Craig and Médine were interviewed today on American Family Radio concerning their book Impossible Love and Médine’s experience as a refugee. For those who want to listen to our interview, you can forward to 11 minutes and 38 seconds on the following link is:


The book is at: https://www.amazon.com/Impossible-Love-African-Miracles-against/dp/0800797779

Since this blog is mentioned in our part of the broadcast as a way of finding out more about us, I should also give this link: http://asburyseminary.edu/person/dr-craig-s-keener/