Flash sale on Acts commentary and Impossible Love

Ordinarily I just use this blog post to post Bible studies and (on Saturdays) silly cartoons, but this is a special circumstance: just for March 30-31, christianbook.com is running a special sale on my Acts commentary set (now $99.99–about 57% off!): http://www.christianbook.com/acts-an-exegetical-commentary-4-volumes/craig-keener/9780801039898/pd/030284?p=1186566. Also 50% off on Impossible Love (now $7.99), narrating my wife’s experience as a war refugee in Congo and how we got together: http://www.christianbook.com/impossible-story-african-civil-miracles-against/craig-keener/9780800797775/pd/797770?p=1186567.

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