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The Bible in Its Context: How to Improve Your Study of the Scriptures

This 82-page Word document was originally designed for use with students in Nigeria. It is for public use, not for traditional publication or remuneration. The background illustrations can be found in much greater details in Craig’s IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, published by InterVarsity.

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La Biblia en Su Contexto: Cómo mejorar su estudio de las Escrituras

(Spanish translation of the document described above)

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Assumptions in Historical-Jesus Research — a new paper by Craig, published in the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus. To read it click here.

Note: this is a recent scholarly article summarizing some of Craig’s research on the Gospels and Jesus. In addition to the article itself, he has a response to two criticisms from those who disagreed with the article:

First, some complained that he depended solely on rabbinic sources for his treatment of ancient memory. Anyone who simply reads pp. 40-44 will see that the strong majority of his examples do not come from this source.

Second, one critic protested that biographies of emperors are not analogous to biographies of a miracle working-sage. His response to this criticism is this: biography is a genre, but the subject matter of biographies is a topic rather than genre (e.g., to use a modern analogy, biographies of Churchill and John Wesley address different subjects, but their genre is not different). We have only a limited number of biographies from the early Empire about figures who lived only a generation or two before, and these are most relevant for genre comparison, regardless of their topic.



Matthew Bible Study

Please note that this 32-page Word document is just an initial sample, that goes through Matthew 5:20. It may take Craig a few years to have sufficient free time to provide all the Bible studies he would like. This study models how Bible background can be used in understanding the Bible better.

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Some New Testament Invitations to Ethnic Reconciliation

“Most parts of the world currently experience some forms of ethnic conflict. Because prejudices from these conflicts inevitably affect Christians, they invite Christian theological reflection on ethnic reconciliation, which in turn invites an examination of biblical teaching on the subject.”

This is a 2003 article published in Evangelical Quarterly. To download this PDF file, click here.

Initial Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire

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